Friday, July 29, 2005


music has provided a number of Godthreads for me. before i was a jesus-follower i think the closest i ever got to the feeling of transcendence in worship was at concerts.

lately, i've been totally enjoying xmradio and reconnecting with music. i haven't put it in a car yet; i'm listening to it thru my pc. i signed up for it - ab $8 a month - after trying it free for 3 days (you can try it without giving a credit card). the main reason i like it is that it's a great way to get exposed to new music.

if you try it, it works better if you listen to it thru windows media player 'cause you can use the built-in equalizer. also, be sure to set the settings to "high bandwidth" for better fidelity. it's not as good as what you get in your car (digital satellite) but it's pretty good.


jeff said...

My brother-in-law just got the XM Portable device. That's pretty cool.

He can listen at home or in his car or while walking down the street. While I presonally prefer my trusty iPod, he has instant access to the ACC, MLB, and family talk... not to mention all the great music out there.

Check out the Delphi Portable XM radio. It comes with everything you need, if you're at home or on the go.

Plus, with an actual XM radio, you get a lot more stations than the online version...

Stephen said...


You do - however - get all the music channels online (but not all the news, etc)

Mojo said...

cool site

Stephen said...


jeff said...

Yeah, I like the news/talk stuff. I was a little disappointed that they're not available with the online service.

Hey Stephen, Thanks for your response on my site regarding Postmodernism. It appears that you serve under Brian McLaren. That's cool. I've read "A New Kind of Christian" and "A Generous Orthodoxy". You'd think I'd have the whole postmodern thing down, but its just not making sense to me, yet.

I think I'm looking for someone to lay it all out in convenient terms and simple definitions. It is obvious to me that this will not happen anytime soon.

Still, I like the concept of it all. I feel as if there's something in it that I'm reaching for. I'm just not there yet.

I skimmed Part One of the article you suggested, but its late and I need some sleep. I'll dig into it over the next couple of days and let you know what I come up with.

Thanks for visiting my site. Oh, and tell Pastor McLaren I said hi. While I don't fully understand him, I like him a lot.

I live near Ocean City, MD. Maybe I can make it up to your church someday and experience what I'm not comprehending through the written word...


Stephen said...

Hi Jeff!

When I wrote the article, I was on staff serving with Brian, but I left staff due to health reasons in 2001.