Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brian McLaren Responds to Critics

I hope this brief narrative gives people a more accurate understanding of who the nonfictional Brian McLaren is, and I hope it will reduce collateral damage against people involved in the emergent conversation and the larger emerging church community. I also hope we can as soon as possible stop talking so much about certain notorious personalities (either semi-fictional ones or real ones) and certain notorious buzzwords (postmodern, emerging, etc., etc.), and instead get on with the more important mission which the Lord gave us: being and making disciples, in authentic community, for the good of the world.

The third and final part has been posted.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


jeff said...

I really wish he would respond to the Universalist/no hell or judgement theology that seems to be apparent in his teaching.

I like this guy... I really do, but I don't get this part of it.

Stephen said...

jeff, he may have addressed this on if not, there's a place on there where you can ask questions.