Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Brian McLaren Responds to Recent Criticisms

From Tony Jones' Intro:

It's also been interesting to me that much of the criticism of Brian this summer has run along the lines of, "I really like his missional thinking, but his philosophy and theology are dangerous." I talked to Brian about that, because those of us who know him realize that his recent theological investigations have been driven by his missional heart.

Part One of Brian's Three Part Response where he begins to give us an expansive, biographical post.


Hooser said...

Does someone who has such a 'generous orthodoxy' leave room for traditional Church and orthodoxy? It seems like everywhere I read about the 'emergent' Churches, they claim to be missional, open-minded, and often post-modern but hardly ever traditional orthodox. Is this a concious phenomena and why?

Stephen said...

it really varies. there are many emergers (probably most) who still hold to all the traditional evangelical essentials. but there are also some that are pushing the envelope on some of the previously largely uncontestant topics.