Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cedar Ridge Community Church selects New Senior Pastor

"It would be a dream come true for me if the Dyers can come. I would be proud in the best and deepest sense of the word to pass the baton of leadership to Matthew, and he and I both sense we would have a strong and lasting friendship as well as a solid working relationship. I support him with my highest and unqualified enthusiasm.

Brian McLaren

After a previous decision to free up their founding pastor to spend more time writing and national and international service, Spencerville, Maryland's Cedar Ridge Community Church, founded in 1982 by Brian McLaren and Bill Duncan, announces that they have selected a new Senior Pastor, Dr. Matthew Dyer.

Matthew Dyer formerly was an associate pastor for Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, OH and a senior pastor of a Vineyard work in Exeter, England. He is British and a medical doctor. Dyer and his wife spent 1995 in Nicaragua working to build a mother and child health project.


Mark Daniels said...

My path crossed with that of Matt Dyer years ago here in Cincinnati. He is an impressive guy and will, I'm sure, do wonderful work in his new job!

Stephen said...

hey that sounds good! thanks

Anonymous said...

I worked with him in CIncy, he's a good man, Cedar Ridge is a better place for having him.