Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Correction: On Calvinism and the Emerging Church

in an earlier post - the nexus of the emerging church and calvinism - i had written:

It's said that when John Wesley, the ardent Arminian, died, that an enthusiastic follower of the Calvinist George Whitfield asked him if they would see Wesley in heaven. Whitfield said no:
“No, he will be so near the throne, and we at such a distance, that we shall hardly get a glimpse of him.

in a comment on that post someone today wrote:

Considering Wesley preached Whitfields Funeral, I find this highly unlikely.

i checked wikipedia and found out that john wesley died on 2 March 1791 and george whitfield died on 30 september 1770 so the commenter is correct that i must be in error.

I googled a bit more and - whether true or not (does anyone know?) - whitfield did say this of wesley but not at his funeral.

thanks to the corrector and i've amended the article accordingly.

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