Saturday, August 27, 2005

jordon cooper (who is no failure) on failure

The future, no matter how uncertain, had always been my way to escape the reality of today. Working hard (enough) in school had given me a chance of doing things tomorrow. Growing up and living with the disappointments of living below the poverty line for most of it was livable because of the hope that tomorrow brought. Now I am in a process of figuring out what tomorrow is. For much of my life, tomorrow meant a time when hard work/intelligence/luck would change today's less then desirable circumstances. Tomorrow for me no longer means that. While I hate that fact with a passion, it may not be a bad thing. Tomorrow was always based on me changing things.

jordon writes movingly ab his struggle with illness.

i'm blogging this in a Courtyard by Marriott and, coincidentally, (again, to the title of jordon's blog, not to jordon, imo) they are giving away free copies of the latest Fast Company issue on failure. I've been reading thru it off and on all morning and just subscribed (again) for 2 years.

pls pray for jordon and wendy.


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