Thursday, August 25, 2005

a new blog on generous orthodoxy

My hope is that this blog will further the academic expression of progressive evangelical thought in the current and upcoming generation of scholars. I would like to see the blog serve a number of functions. First, to help network and connect people in the academy who are progressive evangelicals. Second, to share resources (books, ideas, articles) with each other. Third, to make available these resources to pastors, students, practitioners, and interested onlookers outside the academy. My hope is that the contributors to this blog will view themselves as "organic intellectuals," people who identify with progressive evangelical practitioners and want to use their academic skills to support that group.

Here are some suggestions, not at all intended to be exhaustive, about the sorts of posts that this blog is for. (In general, anything that you think would be relevant to the broader community of people who care about progressive evangelicalism is fair game.)

1. Links to books, articles, and websites of interest, preferably with a brief description and/or excerpt
2. Book reviews
3. Cultural analysis
4. Summaries of research you are doing, and the implications of that research for the progressive evangelical community
5. Drafts and papers you are working on that you would like to share and/or receive feedback
6. Theological reflections
7. Commentary on trends in the academy and elsewhere
8. Dialogue amongst the viewpoints expressed on this blog.

steve bush lets us know ab a new blog - above is its first entry - by

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