Saturday, August 27, 2005

on pat robertson

ted olsen does one of his characteristically great around the rooms on pat's comments and the reaction.

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Vince said...

Yes, Pat occasionally stumbles when he tries to walk two paths (minister and politician) with one foot, and he speaketh before he thinketh now and then, and the world gets into an uproar and calls for his ejection from the solar system. But in fairness and for the sake of maintaining perspective, could we at least remember two things: 1) Chavez is no doubt every bit the dangerous despot and friend of terrorists that Pat says he is (Pat the politician spoke the truth), and 2) if President Bush had followed Pat's advice, we would never have launched this war in Iraq in the first place, and 1,700 U.S. servicemen and women (and countless other allies, not to mention Iraqis) would still be alive today (Pat the minister did his best to try to prevent this bloodbath).

Still shoulda mea culpa'd earlier though. Maybe there should be two shows - one for ministry and the other for politics: "The 700 Club" and "The 700 Rounds a Minute Club."

Bless you brother. Kapow!