Friday, September 09, 2005

Brian McLaren Calls for Purple People

You’ve heard the old saying: The hard thing about being a bridge is that you get walked on from both ends. As someone who spends roughly half of my time in the conservative world and half in the liberal (theologically and politically speaking), I suppose I qualify as a kind of bridge person. Unfortunately, my experience confirms the old saying, and I have a few boot marks on my backside to prove it.

McLaren in a recent Sojo article.

thanks to Bob Robinson for pointing this piece out to me.


Anonymous said...

Well-written. I am not familiar w/Brain's teaching. I did catch a lot of his heart however in this article. As I read, I am struck by the awesome task of proper hemenutics applied to the biblical text--that is, to interpret correctly in order to have relevant application. I'm not sure how I feel about Brian, but for some reason I find myself attracted to a man willing to risk thinking, despite where it leads.

Scot McKnight said...

Send me a purple button.

I have voted Democrat for years, but for all the wrong reasons: I was not and still am not in agreement with much of the political agenda of the Democrats, and I agree often morally with the Repubs, but the Repubs have got it wrong on the poverty issue and the international relations issue and the militarism issue. I'm committed to one of the government's central tasks being the support and protection of the poor, and I think the Repub commitment to money-money-money as rampant capitalism is contrary to how the Bible (read the Sermon on the Mount; read the Torah) understands the role of money in our lives.

So, Stephen, when you see a purple button, send me some and I'll finally be able to wear a political button I can agree with.