Friday, September 02, 2005

Interview with Brian McLaren

McLAREN: It’s a shame that anyone would accuse me of relativism, especially in reading A Generous Orthodoxy where I devote a chapter to relativism.

HOMILETICS: Al Mohler for example. He’s not stupid. Why would he say that?

McLAREN: It’s really perplexing to me. I agree with you. He’s not stupid. But yet he just makes this statement. In the book I make the analogy that absolutism is like cancer, and chemotherapy is like relativism. And chemotherapy, if you take too much of it, will kill you. So I certainly don’t hold up relativism as a great thing. It’s a dangerous thing. I think absolutism is a dangerous thing. We need something beyond both. So I don’t know why he would say that.

Adam Omelianchuk points us to a wide-ranging interview with Brian.

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