Wednesday, September 07, 2005

kudos to john piper and bethlehem baptist church

who are considering not refusing membership to christians who have not been baptized by immersion, because they are considered that by doing so thaty are putting a narrower defn. of "church member" than God puts on "Christian"!

this is a step in the right direction, imo (and, fwiw, i'm an immersionist).

ht to steve mccoy.


Jennifer said...

Hi Stephen,

At first, it sounds like a good thing - but isnt baptism the original way to proclaim one's faith? Maybe "Believe and be baptized" isnt two actions, but one. At least there's more Biblical precident for it than "accepting Jesus". If Baptism isnt a sacrament, what is it?

djchuang said...

kudos are due if the church does decide to allow non-immersed Christians to be church members.. right now, it's just a proposal up for a vote. :)

yes, Jennifer, there are other ways of being baptized! Presbyterians will argue it to the groudn.. :)

Tony Myles said...

Hadn't heard this one yet... thanks for the heads up!