Sunday, September 04, 2005

Request for Feedback from Emergesque Readers: Columnists from the Right and the Left

I was reviewing Blue Eagle Commentary, the best aggregator of Political Newspaper Columnists, and I have three questions for our readers:

  • Who are the best columnists from the right?
  • Who are the best columnists from the middle (as defined by you)?
  • Who are the best columnists from the left?
  • Are you aware of a better aggregator with a more comprehensive list than Blue Eagle?
If you have thoughts on any or all of these questions, would you leave them in comments?


1 comment:

Bob Robinson said...

It's hard to get beyond the Left-Right political stuff, isn't it?

Brian McLaren's latest article in Sojourners pleads for us Christians to build bridges across the Left-Right divides in this country.

To answer at least one of your questions, I feel that Joe Klein of Time Magazine and The New Yorker is as balanced and deeply thoughtful as it gets.