Saturday, September 10, 2005


I had no idea how horrible this blog looks aesthetically in Internet Explorer. I always use Firefox.
The fonts are all funky. Anyone have any suggestions for me as to the easiest way for me to clean this up? I know a tiny bit of HTML and could use the advice.


Fred Peatross said...

I use IE and your site doesn't look astecially displeasing to my eye. The fonts; what do you want...larger font, style?

leviathen said...

we'll tweak it when we go live with faithmaps.


Robbymac said...

Looks fine to me, but I have the Mac version, although my preferred browser is Firefox.

jeff said...

looks the same on IE And Firefox to me...

Stephen said...

Ok, here's the deal - check out the the 8 Sept entry. In Firefox the fonts look fine. In IE they are too large for a portion of the blog. Or does it not look that way in your browsers?

elcapitanhink said...

If you got the gumption to edit your stylesheet, IE-specific rules are quite easily created.

I'm not to familiar with Blogger's templates, and I am too lazy to hit "View page source", but here's the jist. Find a rule you want to modify for IE only, say, all h3 tags of classname post within the div of id blogposts:

div#blogposts {

**rules here***


duplicate it, but insert an "* html" in front of the selector, like so:

* html div#blogposts {

**IE-only rules here***


This is a very handy way to fool IE, and its the de facto standard "hack" to solve IE's madness.
I've been doing the CSS thing for a few years, so I might be overstating the simplicity, but try it out. :)

Good luck!

Stephen said...

josh, i'll save the existing template somewhere and play around with this. Thanks for the help!!