Sunday, October 30, 2005

Refreshing Comments on Christian Disagreement

You are reading viewpoints of different church leaders in emerging churches. You will see differences, as that is the point of this book as we discuss each others differences. So I assume we will discuss and even challenge one another in our responses. But this is not fisticuffs fighting. This is more like a fun pillow fight, you could say. I’m not sure grown men have pillow fights and I think Doug Pagitt with his long arms would wipe most of us out with a swing of his pillow, but I think you understand what I mean. I have seen and read ugly, bitter cut down ranting on blogs and in other books. This book will not have that. Something for the reader to know, is that we are all friends in this book. I have spent time with each person writing in this book. I have been to two of their homes, and stayed overnight a few times at one. I respect tremendously each person contributing in this book and writing opinions in this format is difficult, because it is only words, not facial expressions, no cup of coffee or a pint of Guinness is on the table as we chat theology here. So, it is hard to write and then do counter-points, as we do have different beliefs. But I approach this with great humility and wish this was more of a roundtable discussion. I am certain if I was to ask the other writers, they too would prefer that – as we are not in combat here, we are expressing our own theological journeys and ideas. That is important to know, as some people like to see fights and some people are so opinionated that their hearts come across as puffy and arrogant as we are talking about holy, mysterious things here and we should tread lightly and prayerfully.

Dan Kimball from a forthcoming book he's developing with
that will be edited by Robert Webber.

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