Sunday, April 09, 2006

As a Public Service

Go to this MSN site, key in your zip code, and find the cheapest gas available in your area. It's updated daily.

graphic courtesy of stock xchng

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JSV said...

Hey Steve

Cool site...but--
I've got to chime in here...I never have understood the concern of driving to this or that location to get cheaper gas to save all of maybe $1.25.

Think about it...the cheapest gas in my city is $2.75. If I drive to this location over my usual station, I save 1.5 cents a gallon. That equates to a savings of 12 cent.


My dad will drive to Costco to get gas...way out of the way to save maybe 25 cents.

I would like to see people this concerned about money when they super-size that Happy Meal or tipping a waiter at the next meal.

Twelve cents!

People invest more in saving pennies than they do their retirement accounts.

There has to be some epistemological reason Stephen for this behavior...come on my good man, get thinking on this!