Thursday, April 20, 2006

evangelicals debate the meaning of "evangelical"

Today, with the term, "evangelical," often equated with "fundamentalist," many in the movement are even discussing whether the label evangelical should be jettisoned completely, said David Neff, editor of Christianity Today, an evangelical magazine.

"I did sit in a room with a number of key leaders, some Christian college presidents, some representatives of major college ministries," he said. "They were seriously discussing whether the word evangelical should be used anymore, or should we call ourselves classic Christians or historic orthodox Christians."

- The NYTimes

ht: Justin Taylor


Vince said...

I've been wondering when this was going to happen for some time now. Upon my return to the U.S. in 1988 following study and exploration of what little was left of the believing church in the U.K., I realized that there were a number of common terms that were spoken on both sides of the Pond but that, often unbeknown to the speakers or listeners, had widely divergent meanings depending on who was doing the speaking. Three I recall offhand were Baptist, Fundamentalist and Evangelical. Of those three, the last one has survived over here the longest without being turned into a byword, but for several years now I have rarely heard it spoken in a favorable light by anybody, Christian or secular. Another lexic-one bites the dust, I guess.

leviathen said...

oh brother.

it's still the same old broken down beater with a new paint job.


ruthieisright said...

ditto Levi's comments. when will evangelicals ever get it? they can call themselves whatever they want now that they have abused and misused the term. they need to live with it and fix the problem they created, instead of trying to ditch the name. there is a reason it is not seen in a favorable light. that's waht needs to be healed. it's different paint in the same old paint can. they need a new paint can. i cannot see how classic christian or orthodox christian applies either, most evangelicals are neither classic or orthodox.