Thursday, April 06, 2006

please pray for micah

I didn't know Mark Palmer, who passed on 27 March. I only knew him thru the ubiquitous button that someone created for him - surely a labor of love.

I knew that Mark lost his first wife to cancer, but the implication of what's happened didn't hit me until I read Brother Maynard's comment that now 4 year old Micah had lost both parents to cancer.

Please pray for little Micah who is now with Mark's 2nd wife (now widow) Amy. Pray for them both. Amy says he's crying in his sleep.

God is even bigger than this.


lori said...

Your Post hit me pretty hard. For several reasons.
The biggest is, well, Mark Palmer is *my* dad's name and well...he's currently battling Multiple Myeloma--a Blood Cancer. I swear--I lost my breath while I read your post and subsequently read his journal.

My Dad does hold on to his faith and it gives him the strength to battle the disease that will eventually take him. The Palmer family is in my thoughts, even though I do not know them. But, perhaps I do. We all share the same name.

Stephen said...

Hi Lori,

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Thanks for your comments.