Sunday, April 23, 2006

a question for readers of emergesque

do you find that the new design makes this blog harder to read (because of the colors)? can you let me know in comments?


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

It doesn't seem difficult to read from my perspective. I like the look.


Sivin Kit said...

I like it.. I've always prefered non-white backgrounds,. I think it's easier on the eyes and when you post pictures it brings the focus on the photo!

Jordon said...

A lot of Blogger Templates are rip offs of MT Templates which has gotten Blogger users banned when 6A has complained the DCMA. Make sure it is a public domain template and just not Blogger templates saying it is (they have falsely said that in the past)

Jordon said...

Since I am getting

When I look at properties, the design is not only a 6A rip off but your images are being hosted by Typepad.

Stephen said...

Good grief it's like the greatest hits of bloggers have commented! And on a Sunday AM no less! Thanks!

jamie, thank you.

sivin, I was more happy about the way it highlights pictures than text and I like the design.

jordon, it's not a template per se; I downloaded it from blogger templates.

Thanks to you and I'm still interested in anyone else's comments.

Aaron said...

hate to be the one to break the trend, but i personally dont like it. i suppose perhaps my eyes like the white background. my 2 cents :) keep up the good work.

Vince said...

I like the fact that the fonts are a little bit bigger, but I find the black background a little hard to read.

Bob Robinson said...

I've always prefered dark type on white background, but this background is more of a grey, which is not as harsh on my eyes as white on black, which I really don't like to read at all.
Overall, I think it looks pretty good.

Kris said...

I find the white letters against the black background difficult to read. Just my opinion since you asked:)

Stephen said...

Thanks Vince, Aaron, kris and bob. I also find it a little harder to read but I thought it might just be me. I definitely - however - prefer the asthetics. I might see if I can play with the colors a bit but i'm just a hack at html. We'll see!

Any other feedback from anyone is welcome!

(this comment is revised from an earlier comment which was deleted 'cause I didn't spell "asthetics" correctly!!!)

Stephen said...

Is there anybody out there who knows this stuff better than I do who can recommend how I can change the colors so that it's more readable (technically how to change it and to what color to change either the background or the text or both) short of my changing templates?

If not, I'm considering "Powell Street" on this page. It's not really acceptable to me that folks have a hard time reading the text though I love the style and colors of this one!

Stephen said...

i'm now reliably informed that there might be a legal issue with my template so betw that and the font issue, i'm on the prowl for a new template!!!

any suggested great sources other than the ones that blogger has?

i'm also considering making the leap to typepad or wordpress.

any thoughts anyone?

thank you all. i don't want my blog to be hard to read - that's really not acceptable.

josh said...

i like it. but i'm biased because it was basically the same feel of my site for 2 years. but no one ever seemed to complain and i never had any trouble with the colors.

JSV said...

I liked the other template. Why the change?

To redesign, it can be done but you must go into the template and import the features you want. That takes some time and effort. I reworked my blog taking elements I liked in others. It is possible to do, again it takes time.

Email me Steve and I will give you links to templates I discovered when trying to alter my look.

ron said...

Stephen, I love the look, and find it much easier reading on a dark background. Peace...Ron+