Friday, May 19, 2006

Ben Witherington's Review of the Da Vinci Code Movie

"Ron Howard's two hour and 29 minute adaptation of Dan Brown's mega-selling thriller "The Da Vinci Code" has now hit the big screen to mostly negative reviews (see Having read some thirty criticisms of the movie I was prepared for this movie to be a bomb. Actually, its not. It stands up rather well as a suspensful movie, and it is not the case that there are long boring discussions of ancient lore in this movie. "

Witherington also provides a helpful and brief "Guide to Christians" for hte movie

- Ben's full review

- Suggested Da Vinci Code Resources

At this writing Rotten Tomatoes reports a 17% rating (Rotten) based on 103 reviews. 18 are "fresh" and 85 are "rotten."

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