Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Vinci Review Update

Rotten Tomatoes - my Movie Review site of choice - has DVC running as of this moment @ 21% with 23 "Rotten" reviews and 6 "Fresh."

However, Roger Ebert, arguably the US' most famous movie critic, has given the movie a favorable 3 stars.


johnny dollar said...

i stopped lending any credence to roger ebert's movie reviews when i was about 15 :)

Vince said...

Got to agree with Johnny. Roger is way too easy to please, and it's especially unhelpful in cases like this, where most reviewers are butchering a highly anticipated film but Ebert seems like he's almost defaulted to a thumbs up to match the hype. He still knows how to spot good elements in a film (performances, editing, etc.), but his standard for what sum of these elements should make the whole film worth going to see is abysmally low.

Anonymous said...

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