Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mars Hill Church on Divorce and Remarriage

The elders of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA have published a pretty complete position statement on divorce and remarriage.

I can't say that I agree with every single statement or position - I need to study the document more carefully - but I do appreciate the care that they've apparently taken to speak biblically to these difficult topics and to attempt to cover as many exigencies as they could.

  • pdf file - (free Adobe Acrobat download needed)


KnowNoTone said...
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KnowNoTone said...

This is clearly one of the most difficult topics the Church has to face. I've read over your postion statement on D&R and while I believe that you all have done a credible job sticking to the Biblical Texts, I'm not convinced you have done enough homework in the cultural and linguistic elements that that the texts are rooted in.

For more on this check out David Instone Brewer's excellent Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible, The Social and Literary Context

There is more on this luminary work avaiable at Instone-Brewer's personal site

I would add that I am a divorced and very happily remarried Christian (for almost 9 years). and also a child of divorce. I'm intensely passionate about this topic and have also experienced first hand how so many folks variously "fall through the cracks" in "the Church" with regard to it.

As one who experienced pretty much the maximum pain this sordid malady has to dish out, I stand with God and with you in hating divorce. However, as an "emergent Church" you might want to consider a broader historical, cultural, and linguistic dialog with this issue, lest you fail to aide in healing this multi-generational tide of destruction that the broader fundamental/evangelical community has done little to remedy in the past 50 years.

More Christ Like said...

Les McFall has an interesting way to deal with the exception clause in Matthew 19:9. He has written a 43 page paper that reviews the changes in the Greek made by Erasmus that effect the way Matthew 19:9 has been translated. I reviewed McFall's paper at Except For Fornication Clause of Matthew 19:9. I would love to hear some feedback on this position.