Friday, June 09, 2006


Beth, Michaela, Skye, Alia and I saw Cars tonight and it was fantastic. Unbelievably vivid animation - very rich and I need to see it again to catch it all - and the story might be the most wholesome and helpful one I've seen in forever. Highly, highly recommended. The critics are liking it too.


JSV said...

What movie did this remind you of? Very similar plot.

Hint: It was Woody Harrelson's first major role.

Stephen said...

Doc Hollywood! I hadn't thought of that Joe!

JSV said...

Dr Shields comes through again! Yes, Doc Hollywood...and I haven't seen car. Just read a summary and DH popped into me mind.

Last time I went to a "family" movie it was Shark's Tale and kids were running around the friend's son got up every 20 mins for another drink, bathroom...UGH

They said Cars has some real motorhead inside stuff--details for the wrench dude but not so much to alienate it's audience. Those are difficult balances to achieve.

Glad you liked it!