Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mark driscoll on streams within the emerging church

mark driscoll of mars hill differentiates the emerging church and emergent in this brief video interview clip. Echoing the taxonomy first laid out by ed stetzer, driscoll extends stetzer's categories of relevants, reconstructionists, revisionists by adding a fourth category which he characterizes as "reformed/missional."

i'm not sure driscoll means to deny the missional description to the other ec streams. and i'm not sure it's helpful to denominationalize (and I realize "reformed" is trans-denominational, but you get my point) the emerging church conversation.

nevertheless, the reformed participation in the emerging church is notable and we had commented on that some time ago.

ht: justin taylor


knsheppard said...

I too hesitate at the taxonomies. Though there is a place, I suppose, for some differentiation. Though, I can't help but wonder, with the material that's posted on his blog, if Driscoll is try to distance himself from any 'postmodern' affiliations, and retreat to the reformed? Most of posts on his blog are anything but 'emergent' or 'emerging church', at least from what I've read.

Drew B Moser said...

Thanks for the link. I too believe that there is a distinction between 'emergent' and 'emerging'. I would pose it like so: 'Emergent' is a conversation within and around the larger, global emerging church.

I like the distinction, but am not a huge fan of the taxonomy, as it undermines what 'emergent' sets out to do: create a conversation of many different perspectives, at the same table. Whether that is accomplished or not is for another day...