Monday, June 26, 2006

transpropositional evangelicals

Beth and I have been involved in our church's KatrinaGrace ministry, which so far has sent 7 teams to either Louisiana or Mississippi to work on Katrina relief. As one who has criticized the evangelical church as being overly propositional, I've been very encourged by the fact that I'm only aware of one or two evangelical churches that aren't sending folks to work in the area.

Recently, Stephen Monsema completed a four year study of 500 welfare-to-work programs in LA, Chicago, Dallas and Philly. One of his most interesting findings - and one that contradicted conventional wisdom - was that most of the Christian programs were evangelical and not mainline. Christianity Today Senior Associate Editor Agnieszka Tennant interviewed Monsema on his findings about transpo evangelicals.

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JSV said...

A frend recently asked me what five things do you look for in a church.

After I listed them I shared what I believed the weakest part of the Church today...and that is shepherding or discipleship.

We are very busy...but busy doing what exactly?

We need doctrinal knowledge to walk upright. An engineer needs to study...but the aim is to build correctly. Those who try to build too quickly w/o proper knowledge are out of balance and those who spend too much time on doctrinal perfection are equally off base.

Maturitiy is always in the middle somewhere...and THAT is what leadership is all about.