Friday, June 16, 2006

Very Helpful New Bible Reference: The HyperConcordance

"Each hyperlinked word takes you to a new list of verses for that word, so you can go directly from one set of word contexts to another. All words are grouped according to their dictionary forms, ignoring plurals and inflected verb forms. So in this example, the word "said" is linked to its dictionary form "say". Likewise, the noun "measure" and the verb "measured" both link to the same entry. If you hover over a link, a tooltip displays how many entries there are for that word. "

- The New Testament Hyper-Concordance

ht: Andrew Jackson


Sean said...


Thanks for the positive mention: we're former Cedar Ridge folks, so i think we have a number of friends in common.


Mohamed Taher said...

I have cited your post in Multifaith Issues From Other Blogs - Update No. 8.
Would appreciate if you could leave your comment at my blog.
Best, Mohamed