Sunday, July 02, 2006

Book Recommendation: Reinventing Jesus

I just started reading Reinventing Jesus by Daniel B. Wallace, M James Sawyer, and J. Ed Komoszewski. It's an excellent and unique treatment that deals with three critical issues surrounding the development of early Christianity:

  • The development of the New Testament canon. One of the unique features of the text is that while some wonder why the early followers of Jesus didn't pen gospels earlier, the authors discuss the early church emphasis on proclamation and the importance of oral tradition.

  • The view of the Ante-Nicene and early church of Jesus' divinity.

  • The question of primary Christian concepts deriving from other ancient religions.
Though the book is being marketed in response to the Da Vinci Code, its purview extends beyond Brown's speculations to several other key Search for the Historical Jesus/Early Christian Development discussion threads.

I'll post a fuller treatment when I complete the book but I've read enough to say that this one is highly recommended.

Darrell Bock, who has written one of the best Da Vinci Code treatments - Breaking the Da Vinci Code, also recently recommended the book.

For more information on the book, see the Reinventing Jesus Website.

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