Thursday, July 13, 2006

A New EZine!

Announcing Serve! a new ezine.

The publisher, Steve Sjogren - who is the founding pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Oh - writes:

"The writers of each of these issues come from a variety of backgrounds. Some will be well-known. Others will be people you’ve never heard of, but they will all have one thing in common: They are doers, not theorists, of outwardness. They are all ones who live, day after day, a lifestyle of walking out the generosity, kindness and practical love of Christ that changes the world around us. Therefore the stories they share are practical… and they work! " (emphasis mine)

The editor is Charlie Wear, who himself is the publisher of the well-known emerging church organ, Next-Wave. The production values are also good with the zine being done by Malcolm Hawker of webDesign Studio in Australia. Hawker also has done work for The Ooze, Allelon, and DTour.

A online publication that focuses on practical spiritual issues is to be applauded!

Check it out!


djchuang said...

Steve Sjogren fans may enjoy his daily video podcast at too - it looks like he's got a great production team working with him to share some great content online

Stephen said...

thanks dj! i didn't know about the video podcast.