Tuesday, August 01, 2006

emergent village's new coordinating group

has been posted here. Among others we see


Steve K. said...

Ahhh! We've been outed!

OK let me just say first that there's no conceivable reason why my name should be listed with these other people! Wow. Very humbling, indeed.

Secondly, Anthony Smith (postmodernegro.com) should be listed here also. His bio just hasn't been posted yet (as of this comment).

Finally, Stephen, you should really be on the Coordinating Group as well, but I guess they reached the acceptable limit of white males when they added me, so I apologize! ;-)

Grace and peace,
Steve K.

Stephen said...


most gracious steve.

thanks for the info on anthony.

might you let us know when the full list is posted?

Moxy Turtle said...

FYI -- the site is going live on Thursday CST (it was not supposed to be public yet) and it still undergoing final punchlist edits.

Moxy Turtle said...
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Stephen said...

Thanks Moxy, you've probably found out by the time you read this that the site is now live and that some of those on the list have linked to it already.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

Actually, while it was technically live aka available for reading and discovery on search engines, I learned that EV didn't want to announce yet. My bad. Thanks for listing me as a highlight!


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

Despite my name still on the list, I am actually no longer on the EVCG. Just FYI.