Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the gospel, justice and culture

i've been really enjoying and benefiting from listening to some of the talks given at the May 2006 Reform and Resurgence Conference. ed stetzer gave two really helpful talks on culture - one more visionary and one more practical. and tim keller's talk on the gospel and his talk on social justice were both very good. audio and video links are avail at the conference site.

these talks are highly recommended.

stetzer also pointed everyone to a very helpful demographic resource peoplegroups.


Enriqueta said...

I really enjoy reading your log and love your faith map link!

JSV said...

Eric Mason was good! This man is conected...no doubt about the man's passion. I felt it as I listened.

Main message here in my words...
'Let your theology dictate your methodology'

'Let your theology dictate your lifestyle'

'Life's a vapor...go for it...don't let comfort blind you of God's deeper calling'

Quote: "Our knowledge of the Bible is just dangerous engough for us to exegete our way into making biblical principals our personal preferences." --Brilliant! (@ 23:47)

Stephen said...

enriqueta, thanks!

joe-man, i haven't got the mason talk yet; didn't even see him on the roster - i'll ck it out.

Rick said...

I didn't notice Mason at first either. His message was released on the podcast just 2 weeks ago.
If interested, I wrote a recap / response to Keller's message, "Being the Church in Our Culture" on my blog. (I titled it, "Contextualization: Inevitable & Desirable?")

Sweet blog!