Friday, August 25, 2006

Seeking A Fresh View of Jesus

I am really wanting to get a fresh view of Jesus.

I find that I tend to get lost in religious busyness and theological and ecclesial blah blah blah. It's not that I don't think the latter has its place - it does. It's just that I think it can't be the core of religious experience - the experience of a real and daily relationship with God. I want more. I want my walk with God to be transpropositional (which - of course - includes the propositional). David Brainard used to talk about people who talked about the shell rather than talking about the nut. That's what I'm talking about; I'm tired of all shell all the time. And I'm talking about myself.

To that end, today I made a couple of decisions (I'm only sharing some of them).

I plan to read each Gospel again while reading at least one excellent commentary for each one. I like Luke for its apologetic value and so I'm going to begin there. I just ordered the 1st volume of Darrell Bock's set on Luke. I'll be using DA Carson's excellent little volume on best NT commentaries and other sources to guide me as I choose commentaries. I'll probably hit Donald Guthrie and Luke itself of course while I wait for Bock's volume to arrive.

Bock recently blogged on commentaries he recommends.

I wonder if we might convince Scot McKnight, who edited the excellent Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, to do the same?


Wade said...

Joel Green's commentary on Luke is fantastic.

Scot McKnight said...

Wade's got it right. The first one I pick up now is Joel's. One major feature of Joel is that he is a fine writer as well; the text flows.

I like Nolland and Bock -- thought both of them are too wordy for my tastes in a commentary. Not that either is wrong, but it is hard to find what you are looking for in those massive commentary approaches.

Stephen said...

thanks guys!

scot, I'd love to see a post from you with commentary recommendations on all the gospels and/or all the books in the NT library!

Anonymous said...


I suggest that you read everything you can by Dallas Willard. You will not be disappointed.


Stephen said...

Thanks Pilgrim!

I have read some DW. I really appreciated his Spirit of the Disciplines and I've begun Divine Conspiracy and Renovating the Heart.

Rebecca said...

This is where I'm at in that, Stephen. I posted in on fm 3 weeks ago - wanting to see more convo's that have to do with helping each other in our walk with God. I don't mean it need be confessional time, but thoughts and words more toward strengthening, how today to walk with God. I yearn for more personal discussions, where we are and where we want to be. Seems the majority of convos end up with a recognition of what's right or wrong, and I have become dissatisfied with that being all there is.