Friday, August 18, 2006

The Spiritual Journey of Bob Dylan

"What makes Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years unique, however, is that it is the only project of its kind to explore the years during which Dylan was scandalizing the pop-culture world with recordings and performances that proclaimed Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation.

"A lot of Dylan fans are not understanding or tolerant of Dylan's gospel period or the music," Gilbert told WORLD. "But they really should love that period. That's why I was happy to delve into the subject and help give an honest appraisal."

- World Magazine Cover Story on Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years - a documentary that delves into Dylan's publicly Christian period.

ht: andrew jackson

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Alcuin Bramerton said...

Perhaps Jesus was a style accessory which Dylan needed at the time. Perhaps Dylan was a style accessory which Jesus needed at the time.

But why bring Christ into it? Jesus and Christ are two quite different people and always have been.

Let's not make the American fundamentalist mistake of conflating Donald Christ and Jesus Duck.