Sunday, August 27, 2006

unusual stories of direct encounters

a friend of mine and I are discussing the idea of relying on experience overmuch. i don't know what to tell you about this story.

it reminds me of a what a charismatic catholic blind date told me one evening. she said that she was praying to mary when mary said to her, "what are talking to me for? talk to Jesus!"

it reminds me of a story a seminary prof told me of a man who was preaching one day and suddenly interrupted himself with, "There he is! He's beautiful! He's beautiful!" and then dropped dead.

for your consideration.

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Bob Sardelli said...

(without reading article)...

I like to think of these types of incredible experiences as dessert while the rest of the Christian life (prayer, Bible study, fellowship, etc) is dinner. Not necessary to a vibrant, fruitful walk with God but still valuable and nourishing (to an extent). Also, they could also be the reward of faithfulness in the "dinner" areas of Christian life.