Monday, September 25, 2006

Help Stamp out Lymphoma and Leukemia!

My amazing wife is trying to cure cancer! Well sort of. On Sat 7 October 2006 Beth is biking 100 miles in the Seagull Century Ride to raise money for Cancer Research.

This is from a letter Beth wrote to her supporters earlier this month:

I think I’ve lost my mind. I’ve signed up for a 100-mile bike ride called the “Seagull Century Ride” Oct 7th in Salisbury, Maryland, to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to give to local researchers in the fight against blood cancers. So far, Maryland’s Team In Training has raised enough money to support three local researchers for a year! I’ve personally raised a little over $500 but still need $1,500 to reach my goal of $2,000 ....

As many of you know, my Dad and my Step-Dad both died of cancer well before their time (my Dad was 44). This is the first time since their deaths that I really feel I have a chance to contribute to the search for a cure. When I’m feeling worn out, I remember their suffering and their struggle, and it helps me press on when I feel like stopping.

I’ve been in training for 10 weeks now with Team in Training, and I am . . . SORE. The last Sunday 40-mile ride through the hills (and I mean hills!) of Howard County kicked my butt! I am very committed to completing this journey and am writing to ask you to help me. I’ve enclosed an envelope for those of you who choose to support me. For a $50 donation, I’ll wear the name of a loved one who was affected by cancer (does not have to be blood cancer) – white for memorial, purple for survivor. I already have eight names that I’ll be wearing. Thanks so much, and here’s hoping we can help them find a cure.

If you'd like to talk to Beth about what she's doing, email her here.

If you'd like to participate in this effort, you can donate here!

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MB said...

Was a great showing by the Team in Training riders and supporters. I was just a regular Seagull rider, and was impressed with all of the Team in Training (that doesn't shorten very well, does it?) efforts.

Stephen said...

thanks MB! I thought they did a fine job too!