Friday, September 15, 2006

JI Packer on Francis Schaeffer

Kevin Cawley posts Packer's thoughts on Francis Schaeffer and his legacy.

from Reflections on Francis Schaeffer

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JSV said...

Schaeffer (FS) was unique. Apologetically he was able to fuse reason and revelation in a way that was not done. He attracted intellectuals all over the world.

He was part presuppositionalist and part verificationalist. Lewis says, "While the stress on presuppositions sounds like Van Til, the meaning of those statements is more like Carnell's hypothesis, for they are subject to testing by the coherence criterion of truth... Reason has an important role in Schaeffer's approach, but it is not the sole principle apart from revelation."
--Testing Christianity's Truth Claims, pp. 298-99)

Listen to FS here:
What is truth?