Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Please Pray for Bob Robinson

On 2 Feb 2006, Bob Robinson went thru 13 hours of surgery after his aorta tore and blew up into a football shape. Bob went into a coma but woke up after 27 days and was eventually able to go home. But in April the aortic root started bulging again and there was great concern that it might burst. The doctors were able to get Bob's blood pressure under control, but the decision was made to do another surgery this month.

Tomorrow morning - Wed 27 Sept - Bob is having his aortic valve replaced and his aortic root replaced with a synthetic graft.

You can keep up with how Bob is doing here and you can get a username and password for that site on Bob's blog.

Please pray. If things go well, Bob will recover in about 2 months.

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