Wednesday, November 22, 2006

an increase of faith in france

"France alone has witnessed an eightfold increase in evangelical Christians over the past half-century, from 50,000 to 400,000 today.
Those numbers are small in absolute terms. Indeed, evangelicals represent less than 2 percent of the European population. But their influence is growing, as Roman Catholic and traditional Protestant churches increasingly borrow from their hands-on and inclusive doctrine.
Perhaps most significantly, the evangelicals attest that spirituality is not dying out in Europe. "

- the full Washington Times story (free registration required)

ht: Brad Boydston


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen
Some of your readers might also be interested in the European Spiritual Estimate.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

David said...

Hello Stephen and tony,

Thanks for all the info!

I came to Christ in France in 1994 and only knew 3 American Christians for the first 9 months of my new life. What a culture shock upon returning to the States...

Anyway, you may be interested in this post from "Emerging Writer:"

I also posted more information on the group that I work for currently called the Christian Community Foundation of France that is dedicated to sharing what God is doing in France and mobilizing prayer and financial resources to help French Christian organizations (not missionaries - nothing wrong in general about them, just not the focus)...

Thanks for your blog Stephen,

Dave Broussard

Stephen said...


I'm happy to learn of this and of your work! Thanks for posting!

dbroussard said...

Thanks Stephen!

Great work on the Jesus tomb stuff, too!