Tuesday, November 07, 2006

sermonizing on ted haggard

From the right brain ("right" as opposite to "left," not "right" as opposite "wrong."):

I have now gotten to the point where I just can't read any more blogged conclusions about Ted Haggard.

I wonder if we need to pray more - for Ted, for his family, for his accusers, for his church and, perhaps especially, for us - and conclude less about how his fall is a red light on the dashboard about what's wrong with ________.

My response to reading all I've read has been to want to stop blogging for a time.

It's made me question why I blog.

Am I just looking for profound things to say so that I can sound deep and get folks to think I'm cool and spiritual? I don't want that. I want this blog to be an expression of my love for God and for others in response to what Jesus has done for me. God help me.

I'm not saying conclusions can't be drawn about the state of [fill in the blank]. It just all seems too fast, too soon. It's almost like that this was all so quick and so dramatic that it's provided a litmus test of us and what we think and who we are.

You are likely the best judge of your motives; so if this fits, put it on. If it doesn't, just kick it to the curb and keep on blogging. Maybe this post says more about me than about you.

It's mostly a feeling, I guess.


knsheppard said...

A good way for people to realize we are neither 'deep' nor 'cool' would be to join us for breakfast sometime in Baltimore. They may want to prescribe Ridilin for our collective ADD! :)

Stephen said...


Kevin said...


kevin rains here... thanks for the leads on the NT Wright summaries. Very helpful and much appreciated!

Stephen said...

quite welcome, kevin! I've been enjoying listening to the talks from the UVA guy.

Anonymous said...

People are just full of emotion and expressing it. Take it all with a grain of salt. And if you need a break... take one. But, I like reading your blog - so hopefully it's not a permanent break. :)

Anonymous said...


I feel you, man. I've got a heavy dose of Haggard Fatigue myself. But I too have to say that I hope your break from blogging, if you do take a break, is a short one.

Check out Scot McKnight's recent post on writing, it may inspire you (or it may be more challenging, I dunno):

Steve K.

Stephen said...

thanks everyone.

steve, it was a great post. I had blogged on it today!