Friday, November 17, 2006

thank you to anthony smith

...and others for engaging in conversation around the "don't we care about those who don't know Jesus?" post. It took a while for conversation to start, so I was growing concerned that no one would be concerned enough to respond to my post that few seemed concerned!

I'd love to see others chime in if they've interest.

- anthony smith - musings of a postmodern negro

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postmodernegro said...


If you want to I'd stilllove to engage your more on this. I know you said you are already reading alot of books but I remember you wanting some more titles on this stuff.

I just finished a great book recommended by a friend titled "The Great Giveaway" by David Fitch. There is a great chapter on evangelism in a postmodern world. Along with Tim Conder's book "Church in Transition", Robert Webber's book "Ancient-Future Faith".

"Live to Tell" by Kallenberg is a great one as well. I see alot of resources out there regarding evangelism and formation for emerging church types and those navigating through the postmodern cultural turn.