Tuesday, December 19, 2006

on "The Bible Experience"

Found a nice LA Times article that interviews a number of the professionals who participated in The Bible Experience(TBE).

Beth and I both have been thoroughly enjoying our copies and it's going to be very interesting what this is going to do for sales of Today's New International Version (TNIV). I went into a Christian Bookstore today and they had shelves and shelves of New International Versions and a very few TNIVs. I have to frankly admit that listening to TBE motivated me to take a second look at some of the issues behind the TNIV. I also just ordered a copy of the TNIV Study Bible.

I only wish I had gotten the MP3 version of TBE instead of the 19 CDs in the Audio CD version! It's taken some doing to get it into iTunes, with the books properly numbered and divided into albums. I suspect this is far easier with the MP3 version (and it's less expensive).

And I still love my English Standard Version Bibles, will keep reading my Reformation Study Bible, and am looking forward to Crossway's forthcoming Study Bible (while still hoping that the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible will come out one day in ESV).

But - at least for now - the TBE is the Bible I'm getting exposed to the most.

If you'd like to hear the Christmas Story in TBE, just click here.

I recommend it as a great Christmas gift for under $50.


blind beggar said...

The latest Bible sales numbers were just released and I see that the TNIV is at #7. May be the first time it has been in the top 10.


Jeremy Pierce said...

Stephen, the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible is available in the ESV, sort of. They call it the Reformation Study Bible, and it looks as if you've already got it. It's also available in the NKJV under the name The New Geneva Study Bible.

See the Feb 5 comment on this post for the somewhat complex history of how basically the same study Bible has been released under three different names from three different publishers with three different translations.

Stephen said...

Hi Jeremy,

Yes, I have the Reformation Study Bible in ESV. However, I prefer the more expansive notes (in addition to all the statements of faith at the end) in the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible. I've always thought the story of these three Study Bibles has been fascinating.