Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Toward Creative Theology in Reformed Circles

David Wayne posted a fascinating reflection in response to my post yesterday wondering if there should be some emerging church theological boundaries:

"While Stephen is right that the emerging church needs to work on establishing the boundaries of orthodoxy, the reformed church needs to work on releasing the creativity of its members. Although I love the Westminster Confession and quote it all the time, it is not enough to remain fixated solely on the historic creeds and confessions. We're often like an army that is so concerned with protecting its base that it can never move out to engage and conquer new territory.

So, while Stephen is working toward establishing the boundaries of orthodoxy for emerging churches, maybe those of us who are members of reformed and otherwise confessional churches need to explore how we can release the creativity of our members. And how do we do this while remaining faithful to our standards, and using those standards as tools to build with, and not merely fortresses to protect" (links supplied, emphasis mine).

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