Monday, January 15, 2007

The 10 Most Legitimately Influential Blogs for the Church in North America

Which ones would be on your list? Included in my list would be


Anonymous said...

hey stephen,

i wish i could help you with your list, but as you know, i'm actually following your lead here. so thank you for these links, a couple i hadn't found yet.

also, lovin the new digs on the site. change is good sometimes. keep doin what you do.


Wayne Leman said...

I would also include the following blogs. I would consider them "legitimately influential". Of course, different elements with conservative Christianity would consider different blogs to come under your term "legitimately". Each of the following bloggers has a strong blog following. Each is respected by a large number of conservative Christians.

Mark D. Roberts

Ben Witherington

Hugh Hewitt

Rick Meigs said...

Wow, I can't image myself in the same group as Scott and Andrew. I'm sincerely humbled.

Rick said...

I would add your blog, plus:
Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Rick said...

Also add: Al Mohler
Out of Ur

Rick Meigs said...

I might also mention a blog that has become important to me and I think "legitimately influential," John Smulo's SmuloSpace and also his Missional Apologetics.

Stephen said...

thanks for your encouragement, brad!

Wayne, I read and appreciate Mark Roberts and Witherington and I've heard of Hewitt but have never read him. I'll sample him a bit.

Rick, I think "Friend of Missional" may one day turn out to be quite significant. And thanks for your suggestions as well.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

I think Jordon Cooper ( is a must, especially given the breadth and depth of his content.

John Smulo said...

I would have added Jamie Arpin-Ricci as well.

Thanks Rick for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Jordon Cooper, definitely! If anyone sums up the best of the emergent aesthetic it's this Canadian.

Stephen said...

thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm posting an update today.

brad andrews said...

i would add:

alan hirsch
david fitch
bob hyatt
dan kimball