Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Help in Finding the Right Bible

The folks at the English Standard Version announce:

"No one’s completely solved the information-architecture problem of how best to guide people to the best Bibles for them.’s EasyFind Bible Search Engine does a lot of things right: you can refine your browsing with many criteria, including cover color, binding, cross-references, and text size. This interface helps you if you have a good idea of what you’re looking for."


Pastor Astor said...

Interesting tool! Thank you Steven!
May I ask you a question? I might have missed it, or you may have written about it before I found your blog, at least it feels like you presume the readers know what church you belong to now. I understand you used to belong to Willow Creek, but what about now?
What does your journey look like?

BTW, i cant get the feed from your blog to work.

Stephen said...

Hi Pastor Astor!

I think you might be confusing me with Scot McKnight who goes to Willow Creek in Chicago (but you might have heard it on emergesque 'cause I mentioned it one day). I've never lived in Chicago.

Beth and I and the girls go to Grace Community Church in Columbia, MD and have attended there since 2001. It *is* a Willowesque church and the leadership there has been open to transpropositional approaches to leadership formation and have allowed us to execute some of those approaches.

Neither Willow nor Grace would be considered emering churches.

What kind of blog reader are you using?