Tuesday, January 30, 2007

on the new blogger interface that's now out of beta

I changed my template yet again because I wanted to take advantage of blogger's new features now that they are out of beta. blogger kept posting a "hey, why don't you upgrade" to my dashboard some time ago, but every time I tried to upgrade I received a message that emergesque was too large to update. But I kept trying from time to time.

Well, the last time I tried it worked. But I couldn't fully use all the new features until I changed my template. And so I selected a blogger-issued template and upgraded fully.

I really like it!

They've simplified adding new elements to your template so that you don't need to know quite as much about html as used to be necessary. For example, I use bloglines to manage my blogroll. And so to add my blogroll, in my dashboard I simply clicked "Add Page Element" in the right sidebar, selected the html option, and then cut and pasted the code for my blogroll that bloglines supplied me, and clicked save. Then I have the option to click and drag the elements on my sidebar to place them in the order in which I wish for them to appear.

And there seem to be other advantages. I did have a problem with the "Add New Page Element" button disappearing in Firefox, but I just switched to IE7 and it reappeared.

And from what I'm gathering, it's far easier to switch templates now, though I'm going to do my best and try to keep this one for a while rather than subjecting emergesque readers to the constant flux of styles I've been causing them to suffer through the last few weeks.

So far, so good.

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Violet said...

Thanks! I was trying to find a way of moving all my Bloglines links to the new template and you've provided me with the answer.