Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Scot McKnight on Handling Conflict

"A major challenge for Christian bloggers in 2007: Learning how to converse without resorting to ridicule, labelling, and threats. No one does this well all the time, but (unless you are talking to a friend who knows you well enough to take your strong pushbacks) the most conversational method of responding to something you really take offense at is to ask a reasonable question — and not a sarcastic one and not one designed to lead the person to a point where you can pounce on them. A good question can reduce tension dramatically. It also shows respect to the other person. I’m appalled at the watch blogs — not always at the logic but instead at the acidic tone and delight in damnation."

Lesson #4 of 12 that Scot McKnight learned this year


Anonymous said...

i must admit/confess that i have handled conflict poorly in the past. i must admit/confess that the reason is because i am selfish. i'm working on that and more importantly petitioning God to change me.

maybe some of the most helpful insight that i've found has come from these conflict resolution posts/articles that stephen keeps bringing to our attention, including his own work on the topic. because of my pursuit in the aforementioned area, i am finding works like these to be fascinating. i'll devour anything i can along these lines.

thanks for the links.


Anonymous said...

Groover here:
If I am open to the Spirit, responding to conflict can be a real insight into my own issues. I must ask, "why" a certain topic or post strikes me so. What does my reaction say about "me"?
IMO, good friends should have conversation about this stuff from time to time because if I am really seeking God, I need to allow others to help me really "see" who I am and be open to such feedback.

Steve said...

Thanks for this post. There does seem to be meanness in some blogs.