Thursday, February 08, 2007

i need to finish blogging the multi-site conf but not tonight

back home.

arose at 4:15 AM this morning in San Diego for the trip back. US Air called my cell 2x (!) to let me know my 6:30 AM was cancelled (actually I was very impressed they were proactive.). So my senior pastor (who was also my roomie for the conference), Mark Norman of Grace Community Church in Columbia, MD, and I went in search of a breakfast place. Arrived at Fox Rent a Car to discover that I was charged $300 for them towing the defective car they gave me. That made my car rental bill larger than my flight bill. I'm disputing this but this entry on the Better Business Bureau site makes me think it might be a lost cause. I'll never rent from an unknown rental car agency again. My first clue should have been when they gave me a car on empty and said, "Just bring it back empty." ugh.

after a brief layover in Phoenix, I landed in Baltimore at 7:20 Eastern. Michaela, my 10 year old, has gotten into Haiku's and posted one for me on our door. Skye (8y) made me a creative card. It was wonderful. Li-Li (6y) gave me a huge hug.

I read a lot of John Stott's Cross of Christ while in the air. I'm almost done and will be blogging on it. Awesome defense of penal substitution with appreciative comments about most of the other theories. Anyone who wishes to question penal substitution must deal with his magnum opus. Extremely thorough and very rich. I can see reading it yearly.

Glad to be home. Very much enjoyed meeting and chatting with noel heikkinen and spending a little time with my friend dj chuang in san diego. Finally got to meet my editor, Warren Bird, f2f.

More to come on the conference.

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