Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jim Gilliam

Please pray for Jim Gilliam who is currently undergoing a double lung transplant after finding out today, after 387 days, that two lungs were available. Here's his bioblurb:

Jim Gilliam is a former dot com executive turned activist filmmaker. He is a co-founder of Brave New Films and has helped produce Robert Greenwald's documentaries: Uncovered, Outfoxed, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, and Iraq for Sale. He is spending much of his time lately creating Brave New Theaters, the people-powered movie distribution platform.


Prior to, Gilliam was the chief architect at eCompanies, a venture capital firm and incubator in Santa Monica, and a principal software engineer at Lycos, one of the first internet search engines.
The Washington Post ran a story on Jim a few months ago and the Orange County Register also had a nice piece on him. Jim, who is not yet 30 and has survived cancer twice, found out in 2005 that something was wrong with his lungs.

I met Jim in April 2005 when I - with a number of other ec bloggers - participated in the Internet Evangelism in the 21st Century Conference. Jim's a good friend of Will Sampson who was on our panel.

You can read more about his amazing story here.

And you can check on Jim's progress here.


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