Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Much Ado about the Talpiot Tomb - the Claimed Burial Place of Jesus and Family

I've built out a section of faithmaps.org with articles and reaction to the claims of Simcha Jacobovicia regarding the Talpiot Tomb.


Lots of good information and thoughts available now on the Talpiot Tomb. In the Talpiot Tomb section of faithmaps.org we've added info from

  • NT Wright
  • Mark Goodacre at Duke
  • Ben Witherington of Asbury Seminary
  • Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary
  • A Larry King Interview with Jacobovicia, Cameron, and Al Mohler
  • the GetReligion Blog
  • Dr. Paul Maier
  • a Newsweek overview article
  • an article in the Jerusalem Post
  • and others
If you run across other good articles and resources on the Talpiot Tomb, please mention them in comments and I'll review them for possible addition to faithmaps.

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