Friday, February 16, 2007

Public Service Announcement: Watch for Falling Objects!

Just after 11 AM Eastern today, I'm driving along on the Washington Beltway and, as I've seen almost every time I go out since Wednesday, large sheets of ice come flying off someone's car about 7 car lengths in front of me. I watch it rain down when suddenly my windshield explodes from one of these projectiles I didn't notice. It did shatter some into my car but I wasn't injured.

If you live in the NE, please clean off your vehicle!

If you live in the NE, please drive carefully!!!


Noel said...

Wowza! Glad you are OK!

JR Woodward said...

I'm glad to hear that you didn't get injured. Man, it seems like it would have been quite difficult to make it to the side of the road safely.

Stephen said...

thanks noel and jr for your concern. I was so shocked I don't think I had the presence of mind to even swerve! I'm very grateful for safety glass. My insurance rep told me that this had been the only kind of call she had received on Friday! She also explained to me that a windshields is actually 2 layers of glass and that it's part of the car's foundation.

Beck said...

Sure Stephen, anything to get out of work, ice shard projectile. (-; What's next, ufo's? (-:

Stephen said...


Vince said...

Yikes! Stephen, I didn't see this `til today! I'm so glad you're OK!!!

Re windshield construction, yeah, I think it's actually 2 layers of glass with a clear elastic sheet inbetween, which is what allows it to absorb shock in the form of the objects that hit it (mainly intended for when someone's head hits the glass).

Again, praise God you're OK!

(P.S. We don't have ice in Southern California.)