Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where do American Episcopals Land when they Leave the ECUSA?

"In December 2006, nine Virginia churches left TEC [The Episcopal Church] and aligned with the Convocation of Anglican Churches in America (CANA), a U.S. mission launched by Nigerian primate and outspoken conservative Peter Akinola. One month later, Christ Church in Plano, Texas, announced its affiliation with the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA), an outreach of the Rwandan archbishop. Also in January, a dozen churches in Southern states requested oversight from the Kenyan archbishop. Anglican primates from South America and Uganda are also overseeing several former TEC parishes.


CANA ... seeks to provide a stable ecclesial home for escaping congregations. Its ultimate goal: the creation of a 39th Anglican province in North America, a conservative alternative to TEC" [links mine]."

Madison Trammel posts a piece detailing how Episcopals fleeing the Episcopal Church in the United States of America re-align themselves as Anglicans in alternative organizations.

It would be a positive thing to see a biblical and healthy Episcopal organization thrive in the United States.

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thanks for this heads up. much appreciated as i am working through this one right now in our local church.