Friday, March 02, 2007

Dr. Craig L Blomberg Comments on "The Jesus Tomb"

I had been hoping that Dr. Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, would put something out on the Talpiot Tomb. I thought that he was one of the more sane and articulate voices during the heyday of the Da Vinci Code.

Dr. Blomberg has now published the helpful "Did They Really Find Jesus Bones?" on Denver's site.

On "The Jesus Family Tomb" also see


Anonymous said...

Clear reason why scholarship is so needed, especially today. Information is so sensationalized that Western culture seems numb to discern, ponder, and reflect, and those who do attempt to think are largely slaves to their presuppositions (mostly unaware of the world view that drives them).

In short...we need Godly thinkers rooted in truth and able to address cultural issues with digibty and grace...yet never compromising the confidence needed to communicate effectively.


everythingbelongs said...

The funny thing, is you just have to know Craig's humor to get that article too. He is a pretty funny guy all wrapped up in a very serious scholar's body.

James Snapp, Jr. said...

In addition to the comments already mentioned, I would like to add my own analysis, at .

I examine each of the film's points, and offer a step-by-step analysis of what the statistics imply (and what they don't imply).

James Snapp, Jr. said...

Oops. Make that .